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Objet’s new ABS-like Digital Material is formed by combining FullCure®535 and FullCure®515. The new material has been designed to simulate ABS-grade engineering plastics. It does this by combining high-temperature resistances with high toughness. It is suitable for any simulated parts that require shock-absorption and high-impact resistance.

Objet ABS-like Digital Material has a high impact resistance (65-80J/m or 1.22-1.5 ft lb/inch) and a high heat deflection temperature (HDT, 58-68 °C or 136–154 °F) immediately after being removed from the printer. A higher HDT of 82-95ºC (179–203 ºF) can be accomplished after post production treatment in a special thermal oven using different temperature profiles.

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The new ABS-like Digital Material is great for: 

Engine parts and covers

Electrical parts casings, mobile telephone casings

Snap-fit parts for high or low temperature usage

Functional prototypes


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